Alcohol is one of the factors of domestic violence, especially towards women. The Thai government then attempts to solve this problem by applying alcohol ban law on Buddhist’s days. Although it has been questioned on violating rights and old-fashioned, it has been successful since it has saved many people from domestic violence, severe diseases, and brought back Thais’ family and individual well-being.


As alcohol had been a must drink in every festival in Thailand including religious events before the campaign “Stop Drinking on Buddhist Lent Day”. 

Buddhist lent day is a season, so the campaign lasts more than a month. The campaign doesn’t aim to stop people from drinking alcohol temporarily but it aims for long-term behavior.  


Apart from restrictions from the government, there is a project that creates significant impacts on these days.


The project is “Little Bodhisattva”. Students have been encouraged to write letters to their parents to stop drinking forever.  Not to mention that schools are the safest places for alcohol drinkers’ children and spouses to express their feelings, struggles, and opinions related to drinkers’ behavior. Moreover, the restrictions of alcohol drinking on Buddhist Lent day protect those family members from damages that drinkers could cause if they can buy and drink alcohol. We might say that the restrictions open more spaces for victims of alcohol-related domestic violence to speak their minds.


This strategy said that it really leads to more people stopping drinking alcohol as some drinkers aspire to stop drinking for their loved ones. Furthermore, one month is also enough for some people to stay away from alcoholic drinks for good as they discover that life can be happy or at least liveable without alcohol. 


Before the campaign was introduced, most Thai men drank alcohol to show off their masculinity as alcohol was perceived as a symbol of manliness. Then the campaign changed the mindset. They encourage alcohol drinkers to behave for their family, not just seek admiration from men who have a toxic masculinity mindset. True and worthy admiration is the one from their loved ones. Stopping drinking alcohol doesn’t only improve their family life, but also their outlooks on life. They care more about their family as they realize that they are important, then they tend to take care of themselves more. People who succeed in stopping drinking alcohol got it all, both a happy family, a healthy mindset, and better health.

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Kamonkorn Buangsoong (Writer)

Kamonkorn Buangsoong (Writer)

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Apichaya Yenjai (Editor)

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Orratai Waleewong (Advisor)

Orratai Waleewong (Advisor)

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